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Estados Unidos

"Entities project a psychological portrait, they carry a physically visual tension that lays between beauty, fragility, and aggression. By transforming ideas into shape, I have the freedom to investigate aspects of life that exist beyond linguistic articulation. The process of creation is a tactile communication, an interactive exchange between materials, movement (life), and mind. I push the boundaries of form through an evolution driven by the necessities of its parts and guided by their biological, chemical, and architectural tendencies"


Paco Árbol, pintor i gravador, neix a Granada l'any 1963. Des de petit es veu conquistat pel món plàstic i als 19 anys entra a formar part de l'Associació Cultural Artística "Taller de Gabia", on comença a descobrir les seves capacitats artístiques amb la ceràmica escultòrica, realitzant la seva primera exposició l'any 1984. Actualment, Paco Árbol, viu a la Roca del Vallès. Aquesta exposició porta per títol "L'arribada".

Paul Sefte
Estados Unidos
f eyes are the windows to the soul, Seftel’s Paintings are windows to the body and mind of time. Soft blues and earthly metals capture the dynamic elements of a process breaking down. In great complexity and simplicity, the winds of our global change shift through the surface of the canvases. Absorbing and reflecting like a sail upon the mind, the naturally forming blues and greens breathe upon the painted metal canvas. With the use of mineral salts and oxidizing metal pigments, the language of marks form a time washed texture on the canvas. Seeing moments collective and singular, future history and collective past emerge. Drawing together a story, a kind of telling of time unfolding, the thought remains Art and artifact as on canvas.

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