Paul Seftel

The elements and materials I use involve some chemistry. My work emphatically speaks of surface quality. I create my own paint, plaster and patina mixtures and textures. It is the sense and feeling of spirituality and alchemy that truly absorbs me, and fuels my creative discoveries. I find myself looking into the surfaces of life, the shapes and structures of our world. I am influenced by transformation and cycles of Nature, as they reflect both microscopic and macrocosmic worlds. Essentially my process has a very organic nature, and I practice expressive and meditative techniques in creating my work.

2007 Midoma, NY, NY
2006 Globeville Studios, Denver, CO
2005 Globeville Studios, Denver, CO
2004 Soke Fine Art, Vail CO
2003 Riverbend Gallery, Truth or Consequences,NM
2002 Silverlake Arts, LA, CA
2001 Woburn Gallery, London W1
The Engineer, London NW3
2000 New Buffalo Gallery, Taos, NM

Work featured in Upcoming Films Productions
2008 School of Visual arts, NY Public Art Residency
2003/04 School of Applied Arts, Denver CO.
1987/1992 University College School, London
1993/94/95 Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland MA
1993/94/95 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh Scotland. BA


* AFI Times Sq Building with United Creators, NY NY
* Bang & Olufsen/United Creators, NY NY, Frankfurt & Istanbul

* Lana Santorelli Gallery NY NY
*Red 03 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
*’Faces and Spaces’, North 8 St, Brooklyn 11211
* Open Studios, SVA Public Art Residency, NY NY
*’Paper works’ Juried Competition, BJ Spoke Gallery, Huntington NY, curated by Samantha Rippner- the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
*Digital Simulcast Collaboration with United Creators and Bang and Olufsen in Munich, Frankfurt, Germany: Istanbul, Turkey.
*’Finding lost Time’ NYC public art project with Art in Odd Places.
* Brenda Taylor Gallery NY NY
* Lana Santorelli Gallery NY, NY

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