Tsutomu Toguchi

1936. Born and works in Osaka, Japan. Graduated from Osaka Fine Art School and Kansai University.
Held Personal Exhibitions 129 times in the past, Japan, USA, Canada, S.Korea, China, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Spain.
Member of Japan Artist Association.
Professor Emeritus of Nara-Saho College, Japan.
Guest Professor of Inner Mongolia University, China.

Public Collections
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo, Japan.
Toyonaka City, Board of Education, Osaka, Japan.
Hirakata City Office, Osaka, Japan.
Pusan-City North-Ward Cultural Center, South Korea.

«Art is a way of communicating the mind of artists to the viewer.
My intent as an artist is to make silkscreens which convey a sense of humor.
I hope you enjoy my exhibition.»

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