Youichi Tanabe

Sea, Ships, Birds, are the diverse themes in Youichi’s work are understood when it is known that he was born in a city linked to the sea and surrounded by nature. His interest in flora and fauna is a constant in Japanese culture and art.
Youichi is also fascinated by industrial interiors and buildings under construction, he finds them a great personality and more than a painting, he makes them a portrait.
In his works he applies vigorous brushstrokes typical of traditional Japanese calligraphy, achieving a captivating rotundity and gestuality.

Youichi Tanabe (Japan, Kumamoto, 1949) has developed a remarkable career as a painter. His trajectory includes individual exhibitions in Gallery and international Fairs in Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, China, Russia, Japan, Holland, Portugal, Italy and Spain.
His work flows within figuration and in his most recent production, parts of his paintings approach abstraction without losing the suggestions to forms. In this way looking at a Yoichi painting becomes a search for the themes hidden behind provocative suggestions that encourage one to keep searching.
Showing an impeccable balance of composition and chromatic ranges, he executes his works with a masterful mastery of techniques with predominance of oil.


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