Maria Spissu Nilson

She has cultivated a passion for painting and colour since her early childhood through studies and private lessons following a family tradition. In her youthful years she was encouraged to continue by artist friends such as Giovanni Nonnis, Ausonio Tanda, Guy Harloff, Gianni Dova and Gerda Meyer Bernstein.

She had an classical education and was awarded an M.A Ed. she published short stories, in Rizzoli and Mondadori magazines. For several years she was an art critic for the Unione Sarda, a regional newspaper, and for Informart, a monthly magazine of the G28 Cultural Association.

In the 80’s she developed a deep interest in printmaking and woodcutting with courses in chalcography and xylography in the Aquilone print shop.

In the museum space Exmà in Cagliari she followed advanced printmaking courses held by Giovanni Job and Enk de Kramer.

She also produces artists’ books and collages.

She attended on line two courses on contemporary art at the Tate Modern with a final essay on relations between art and politics, obtaining a PWM.
As an artist she is in the Fluxus movement in the U.S.A. with collaboration and exhibitions.

“Her works, of a conceptual nature, do not disdain forays into tradition, urged by the desire to walk once again the path of the artisan, reintroduced in a contemporary way with a mixture of different materials” (Ilisso Edizioni, Il segno nel libro).

Her research underlines contemporary problems of a social and political nature but since the 1980s, she has also worked on written language and primitive alphabets to which she has dedicated many works and solo exhibitions. Art critic Gianni Murtas presented her exhibition “Nine words” devoted to the Sardinian language. Her works have been acquired by the Art Gallery of the Aberystwyth University, Wales; by the Ministero della Cultura (Gabinetto delle Stampe), Italy; Villanovaforru Museum, Italy; Diboll Gallery, Loyola University, New Orleans, USA. She lives and works in Poggio dei Pini, str 58 n°17, Capoterra, Italy, email:

Solo exhibitions

2008 “Fragments and books”,Civic theatre Cagliari, Italy
2007 “Such an interesting place”, collages and artist’s books, Poggio dei Pini Library, Capoterra Italy
2005 Hubble, Hubble, Obra Cultural, Alghero, Italy
2003 Apocalisse Homage to Albrecht Durer, EXMA, Cagliari, Italy
2000 Nove parole, G28 Gallery, Palazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
2000 Rastas,(Tracce), Libreria Fantini , Cagliari, Italy
1997 Paesaggi femminili, Libreria Fantini, Cagliari,Italy
1991 Sysaya, Centro Culturale Akropolis, Cagliari,Italy
1989 Pedras, Sala Consiliare, Scano Montiferro, Italy

Group exhibitions

2009 “Sei pareti per Gramsci”G28,Cagliari, Italy
2009 ”Under the influence”, Fluxus Museum, Forth Worth, Texas, USA.
2008 “Lasciare un segno”, etchings, Poliartstudio, Cagliari, Italy
2008 “Reliquie”, per Interazioni, tecnica mista su carta, Poliart studio, Cagliari, Italy.
2008 “Femminile plurale”, Teatro Civico di Castello,Cagliari.
2007 ”Lievi…sospesi”Paper’s Mobiles, Spazio Zoom, Cagliari, Italy
2007 11th international collage exhibition Baker’s Dozen, Forth Worth, Texas, USA
2007 Monumento alla pace, mixed medium on canvas, Università Nazionale di Rosario and General Assembly of the United
Nations, Rosario, Argentina
2007 La luce, Mail Art, collage, Ambasciata di Venezia, Vicenza, Italy
2007 San Pietro in Carpignano, digital elaboration, Spazio d’arte contemporanea, Quiliano, Italy
2007 Splash, for Spring and Fountains, Mail Art, collage, Maison pour Tous, Alfort, France
2007 Omaggio ad Edgardo Vigo, poeta, digital elaboration, Galleria Boek, Montevideo, Uruguay
2007 Exhibition entitled Solidarity for political refugees, collage, Greek Council for Refugees, Athens, Greece
2006 Volare: Pages of Poetry, Tra foglie, aerial installation, G28, Palazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
2006 Sguardo d’Autore, G28, Palazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
2006 Ten Years of G28, G28, Palazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
2006 Books of Lead n° 2, 3, 4; Leggere l’arte, Artists’ Books, Biblioteca provinciale, Cagliari, Italy
2005 Small format, G28, Cagliari, Italy
2005 Sixty Years from Liberation, for 25 April, Palazzo Regionale, Cagliari, Italy
2005 Artcard, Sharjah Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.
2004 Proofs for human beings, installation, Arte, Evento, Creazione, Mulineddu, Sassari, Italy
2004 Small format, G28, Cagliari, Italy
2003 Dialectics of Opposites, G28, Cagliari, Italy
2003 Off with the mask!, Galleria Magenta, Milan, Italy
2002 Art is reborn with every artist, on a idea by Beppe Vargiu and Maria Spissu Nilson, G28, Cagliari, Italy
2002 Ancamarogas, at S’Iscolasticu for the town of Dorgali, Italy
2002 Back to the Present, 3rd and 4th parts, Art Gallery of Loyola University, New Orleans LA, USA.
2002 Back to the Present, 3rd part Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Chicago IL (USA),
2001 Christmas Trees, a new interpretation by several artists, installation, Lazzaretto, Cagliari, Italy
2001 Ritorno al presente, Cittadella dei Musei, Cagliari, Italy
2001 13th Biennial Art Exhibition, Municipal Library, Trevigiano, Treviso, Italy
2001 Kronos, installation: wheat and burlap sacks with poem, Ethnographic Museum, San Sperate, Italy
2000 Back to the present, Museum of Villanovaforru, Italy
1999 Mutations, Art Gallery of the University of Aberystwyth, UK
1999 Slittamenti, G28 Gallery, Palazzo Marini, Cagliari, Italy
1998 Red, (Mail Art), organized by the Italian Post Office, Palazzo Robellini, Acqui Terme, Italy
1997 Blu profondo, Associazione Culturale Man Ray, Cagliari, Italy
1997 Sign and experimentation, Centro Culturale Exmà, Cagliari, Italy
1996 For Naitza, Associazione Culturale Man Ray, Cagliari, Isili, Sinnai – Italy
1995 Small format, works on paper, organized by Intergrafica, Cagliari, Italy
1995 The Clouds, dedicated to Pier Paolo Pasolini, organized by Intergrafica, Cagliari, Italy
1995 RTell me a Fable, (Mail Art), Associazione “danzamusicateatro”,Cagliari, Italy
1995 Art and Culture for Solidarity, Galleria La Bacheca, Cagliari, Italy
1995 Blue, (Mail Art), Palazzo Robellini, Acqui Terme, Italy
1994 Portrait, Self-Portrait, Galleria la Bacheca, Cagliari, Italy
1994 Christmas, (Mail Art), Casa do Olhar, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1993 Fogli di Festa, organized by Intergrafica, Centro Culturale Exma, Cagliari, Italy
1992 La Posta in Gioco, (Mail Art), Galleria Comunale d’Arte, Cagliari, Italy
1992 Workshop of etching techniques, San Nicolao (Corsica), France




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